Dre Baldwin: Pre-Game Mental Preparation Tips | Basketball Nervousness Relaxation Pressure

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Siddarth Almeida says:

Workin on my game till the day i die m/ H00P$ 43V3R

Bob Perette says:

Hi I have very high anxiety and thank you for this video can you make a video in layups and shot?

dreupt says:

ur welcome glad it helps

w3areC00l says:

Ey Dre thanks for sharing your videos. Out of all your videos, this is the one that helped me the most.

dreupt says:

i see it all

dreupt says:

ur welcome

fluffyboyne87 says:

Was watching the all star game today and the commentators brought up the subject of what players look at when they shoot, do they look at the ball or keep their eyes fixed on the rim. Ive always kept my eyes fixed at the the rim and never look at the ball. Just curious as to your method? Eyes on rim or ball? Thanks

SimeonFleming13 says:

thanks for the advice it helped a lot “dre all day dotcom”

dreupt says:

glad to hear

dreupt says:

great to hear

dreupt says:

ur welcome

dreupt says:

good luck!

dreupt says:


dreupt says:

ur welcome

dreupt says:

Post Moves Playlist. Post Moves Hoop Handbook

dreupt says:

ur welcoem

dreupt says:


colacitrusmtn says:

Smart advice

dumanliveshere says:

I Will Show U How Great I Am

miniminh2538 says:

dude, I would watch your motivation vids every week before my games.

willcox5 says:

when i get on the court to practice i dont leave until i shoot 400 layups right left hand repetition is the key ! great athlete + master the fundementals = great player

Gistemulte15 says:

Thx Dre! Tommorw I have a Tournament and that is exactly what i need!

SSCUltimateAero77 says:

Eyy Dre, you’re a straight up baller man!

Steven Zhou says:

I find these videos very inspiring and helpful. Thanks a lot Dre!

a21mafia says:

Dre you think u can post a vid on center post moves?

BeatboxingFilo says:

Thanks DREEEE!!

Daniel Black says:

Thanks @dreupt you put this this out at the exact time i needed it

irod13 says:

Great message, Dre!

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