Dirk Nowitzki Offense Highlights 2013/2014

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Dirk Nowitzki’s jumpshots, fade aways, drives, one-foot step back jumpers, spin moves, pump fakes, jab steps… Credits to the NBA, the sole owner of these h…


Crunchysopa52 says:

You can watch Dirk’s highlights all day. One of the most unique players, &
of the the greatest shooters, we’ve ever seen.

chiladin says:

Since Jordan the ONLY masters of the game have been Kobe, Duncan and Dirk.
Dirk truly has mastered his craft and perfected it. He can play past 40
and if he wants cus’ his game is soooooo effortless and he doesn’t expend
any energy. As long as he’s motivated to stay in shape he will always be
unguardable because you can block his one-leg fade away shot and he’s tooo
pure from the outside and from 23 feet it he’s one of the great shooters
ever along with Bird, Jordan, Nash, Mullin, Dantley, West and Kobe.

Mr. Alex says:

Do Boshhh

Kaleb Hawkins says:

Damn this nigga swished like every shot lol 

Cesar Zapata says:

A reassuring dirk this yr playing well and is most importantly healthy.
95 percent of his shots were swishes too crazy jumper.
Best 7ft shooter ever. Glad to have witness him play

alex12104 says:

Kemba walker please! Thank you! 

Keesa M says:

That one leg step back is unstopable. He has such a high release also.

Jaylan Moe says:

Westbrook or Nick Young Highlights coming soon?

Samuel Mesele says:

Nick Young please he’s my favorite player he has been doing good this
season. Here’s his stats
http://espn.go.com/nba/player/gamelog/_/id/3243/nick-young , he has
highlights this season on other YouTube channels 

Brooks says:

so ugly yet so beautiful

Oscar Ceja says:

Andre Iguodala plzzz 

鄭又維 says:

All Star Please…

ChargersFanForLyfe says:

Dirk does a fadeaway even when he is 4 feet from the basket.

adolfo mercado says:

The best

pookyman12 says:

Good to see dirk still ballin hopefully they can make moves to make them a
title team again..

angel serafin says:

Dirk nasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alexander Wung says:

Noe-witski lol

Jordan Reid says:

7 foot pure shooter…God, you didn’t think it through when you made Dirk
did you?

ezt123dp says:

that fade will forever be unguardable… No man can block that shot!

moiz hassan says:

Dwight Howard

Aislinn Cuizon says:

No lebron part 2 yet?

tyler carey says:

lance stephenson pls

WONtothaG says:

7 foot fade away jump shooter. He has perfected his craft.

Javarix Takteritrix says:

Geddemn! He’s FG% this season is currently at .496 and most of it coming
from his shooting. What a great shooter!

Truegenius23 says:

One of the best players this league has ever seen. A Hall of Famer for

WhiteRiceEveryday says:


xprtsniper says:

That step back is too strong!

adolfo mercado says:

Dirk the bedt

Samuel Mesele says:

Brandon Jennings and Kemba Walker offense highlights please man

xprtsniper says:

Why is this man unstoppable?!?!

Ryan Heiny says:


PassTheWeakSauce says:

Mavs are so entertaining this season.

Jerrell Starnes says:

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