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Inspired by hoopmixtape, the mix was, not #ShiftTeam lol Music By: Hi-Fly- “Someday”


coriente4 says:

they’re both leftees

TheRandomWIZkidShow says:

Im so tired of all you guys talking trash bout trevor, hes a monster, no one can guard him, he can shoot, pass, and dribble like a boss, thats everything a great pg needs, he will smash any of you. Keep on ballin trevor

tyshawns7 says:

I think me & his handles right there with eachother ..he’s good.

Token7373 says:

HA! i feel you, i had to go watch that mix again after i watched this.

ImmabeNBA says:

Looks like Isaiah Thomas of Sacramento Kings

1FLOt says:

hope so..

8BKV says:

Aquille carr would crush him so would andrew harrison

IEqualepic says:

trevor dunbar vs aquille carr?

ThunderUp5 says:

Weak competition

futureballar32 says:

Me too im imagining his Mixtape while watching this lol

jrock845 says:

Aquille Carr Has Better Handles Than This Kid

nycballa2006 says:

he good but he jus playin slow white boyz not impressed my nigga Frank will eat him alive

GreenHornet415 says:

aha i know the dude gettin mixed…he actually pretty good

getdown1235 says:

He’s pretty good. I like this kid name Elijah White too, from El Camino high, really small but play big against anybody. I wonder if they know each other. He’s half samoan and black.

danny31590 says:

not even close to what jennings was at his age

MrKoolkidJ says:

just because he’s left handed

hahawhatsthis says:

i know hes nice but this is white boys

cerebralfish1 says:

Nice game. Work on that right hand.

1m4rl0n2 says:

he got a meeeeeeannn step back

breaew106 says:

2:08 LMFAO!!!!!

jaluan newson says:

fuck u

Kawnflixx says:

#12 got screwed over lol

Luke Libunao says:

Asian dude was all over the floor lmfao

airhawaii23 says:

fuck shift team.

danielp839 says:

the whole team he played against was like white and asian lol


TERRIBLE defense. One dude even fell from him catching the ball at 2:05 smfh

MontanaKhi says:


Kobe248ify says:

defense was poor here

spursfan1550 says:

except Brandon Jennings doesn’t pass as much as trevor

jerzydude94 says:

He’s a beast, but those kids are sorry.

GreenHornet415 says:

LOL i know him!

GreenHornet415 says:


LeAndre' Jones says:

Pinoy an black power! That’s what’s up

TheIVIatrix says:

is he filipino/black filipino/hispanic filipino/latino
(some mix of filipino lol)

iiTz Krueger says:

Ok trev i see u bruh

JaayDope says:

the kid whos guarding him must be having 1 rough ass day looool…….#SHIFTTEAM!*BLING*

codgodcreature says:

Love this kid

OgJumpman23 says:

by his graduduating year he’ll be around 6’1 , 6’2 he’s a first round draft pick definitley.

HoustonRise2018 says:


sammy decchaleune says:

Hes gonna have a bright future if he keeps playing like this #shiftteam

itachi3470 says:

he has D.Rose assets.

GreenHornet415 says:


GreenHornet415 says:

16…class of 2014 goin into junior year

TheDTrell says:

how old is he

ASKRTT says:

ShiftTeam !

Stylez Killz says:

He is to cold and he is 5’10″

RugersRugin says:

lol yeah sure he is.

And1deuce says:

but he’s 5’9″

Robin13Hood says:

D.Rose anyone?

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