NBA on ABC 2013 Playoffs Intro Theme Song “POWER” | LIVE 4-20-13

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“I GOT THAT POWER” “I CAN FLY!” ESPN and pop superstars and Justin Bieber have teamed up to deliver #thatPOWER for the NBA Playoffs. Original Airda…


neptuneniq says:

all of this footage was shot during All Star weekend

so alot of them weren’t available

kold805 says:

Two bad this beat isnt his, guy straight ripped this from a Electronic music producer

mexicanpride956 says:

Lol parker! I love San Antonio! Let’s go Spurs! :D

Gabriel Hernandez says:

Paul Pierce is in it, idiot.

proserfina21096 says:


Vegalenko says:

Needs more Joakim and Lu!!

Staalstraal says:

Bland and generic, but hey, at least it gets the crowds pumped.

kiddfabul0u5 says:

So dope

Michele Lombardi says:

D12, Fantastic!

minecraftmusician says:

where are the Celtics?

Alex Perez says:


lphjustin says:

This is better than the original mv on vevo

Thomas Beatty says:

Pacers PG MIP of the year

Nguyen Cong says:

Chris Anderson should be in the i can fly part

butels302408 says:

gotta love david lee and steph curry. too bad lee’s out for the season.

exleader45 says:

The Bucks and Hawks are not represented. That Paul Pierce shot was something I saw in a game, so I believe no Celtic filmed for this intro either. So three underdogs aren’t filmed…

melokid99 says:

No justin bieber = perfect

amirg269 says:

This is gay ass fuck!!!

dfelker10 says:

You see Brandon Jennings face and wheres Josh Smith

Michael Oher says:

That’s because they just shot those who are in the All-star from day 1. 

Jonathan Wooten says:

looks like some of the players actually enjoyed being a part of this

MrMannysworld says:

I don’t think Atlanta either.

Jim Durn says:

I would like to see the NFL do that for their playoffs or Super Bowl with their QBs. None will be able to dance with the exception of maybe RGIII!

Otto Vanluchene says:

Linking the Chris Paul and Dwight Howard Part….

Orlando Chatman says:

I did not see anyone on the bucks

Ivan Pasquini says:


xxes115 says:


XeroVz says:


ShoProduction2010 says:

Best intro since NBA on NBC

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